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EuroScholars Site Visit

Since 2013, EuroScholars started to organise a 1-week site visit to the European institutions offering the EuroScholars Program.
These site visits are set up in cooperation with ISA (International Studies Abroad).
By organising these site visits, which is mainly designed for Honors and Undergraduate Research administrators, faculty, and advisors at US and Canadian universities,  we aim to increase the interest of university staff members and their students for research abroad opportunities within the EuroScholars Program.

Visit Leiden University and KU Leuven and learn more about the EuroScholars Program.


ISA is organizing a site visit to  Europe with a two day add-on to visit 2 EuroScholars institutions (Leiden University on 25 October and KU Leuven on 26 October) .

Please check ISA's website for more information.