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Uneven distribution of fibres in stitched NCF composites

KU Leuven University

1 or 2 semesters

Project description

This research work focuses on the generation of an experimental database on the characterisation of the fibre placement in structurally stitched non-crimp fabric (NCF) composites, to be used for validation of models of their internal structure and mechanical behaviour. In NCF's, several fibrous plies are placed in a pile and then stitched together using a thin polyester thread. For a practical use, several NCF layers are usually stitched together with a thicker thread, which improves the fracture toughness, shear, and out-of plane strength. However, the stitching may compromise processability and in-plane mechanical performance. One of these disadvantages is the uneven fibre distribution inside the fibrous plies, which will be studied in the proposed works on images of cross-sections of stitched composites. The results of the MSc thesis will eventually be implemented in the new version of WiseTex textile modelling software. This is a topic for a hard-working student, as processing of the images requires a lot of manual, minute work. The reward is getting intimate with an important class of materials with wide range of applications. If the student is interested, s/he can take part in development of the models of the materials.

The project is available in the Fall and Spring semester.

Duration of research project: 6-12 months.

Number of places availabl: 1 per semester.

Pre requisites

  • This is a topic for a hard-working student, as processing of the images requires a lot of manual, minute work.

Faculty Department

Metallurgy & Materials Engineering.

The MTM Dept. is a regular research partner of industry in the fields of metallurgy and materials engineering. The combination of thorough fundamental research coupled with our broad range of expertise, delivers innovative ideas, helping to gain major advantages. Modern, advanced and well-maintained equipment reduces project time and cost and increases accuracy and strongly motivates researchers. A dynamic team spirit and cross-discipline knowledge sharing, stimulate our international outstanding research teams in their constant search for improved methods and innovative technologies.Project management is an art at MTM. Great management is also an essential ingredient in creating solid service for industry. Senior staff closely monitor the work of junior researchers to ensure a high level of professionalism and to teach the skills of sound project management: result-driven and cost-conscious. MTM is the largest education centre in Belgium in Materials Engineering, for BSc,MSc, & PhD.

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