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Coronavirus measures, Europe

Dear EuroScholars Students and Colleagues,

Due to the Coronavirus spreading quickly in Europe and beyond, some students have been instructed or advised to return home by their home university. 

For all of us this situation is very exceptional and we do understand the frustration this causes to all our students, their families, study/research abroad advisors at home institutions and to all our colleagues.

These past days, all the ES institutional coordinators at the European host universities have been in close contact with all their students and their research supervisors:

  1. Informing them about the measures taken at the relevant host institutions (as instructed by the relevant national and local authorities) and what they have to do in case of further developments. 
  2. Facilitating discussions with students and their supervisors to see if it is possible for the students to stay in the labs, work remotely, still earn credits, to discuss if there are other solutions to offer the students in regards to their research, etc.  
  3. Assisting / advising students with the practicalities that need to be taken care of if the student decides to return home (as instructed in some cases by their home university) if even at all possible(!).

Meanwhile, we received many questions from students and their study/research abroad advisors about the continuation of the EuroScholars Programme and financial matters.

We would like to inform you as follows:

  1. The EuroScholars Program is still running and will not be cancelled as long as the European universities have not been shut down by their local government and even minimal operations are continued. The EuroScholars Program will still be running if students are able to work remotely on their courses / research subjects. 
  2. We are investigating who is returning and who is not and who will be able to work remotely. 
  3. Once all is clarified, we will be able to inform all the students and their home institutions, either via ISA or directly, about possible financial consideration. 
  4. EuroScholars student who decide to stay at their host institution (in concertation with ES, home university and host university) will continue to receive all possible support the ES Program and the host institution (through the Host Institutional Coordinator) is able to provide. 

Updates on the measures taken by the European universities are mentioned on these websites:

Thank you for your patience and understanding of these exceptional circumstances. 

We wish you all the best.

Be safe. 

Bart Hendrickx 

EuroScholars Executive Board

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