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Specifically, judges and prosecutors are looking for the value of a specific bird or mammal to determine the compensation that offenders should pay when an animal is killed illegally. To address this need, two approaches are used. Firstly, academic, policy and legal sources are used to create an overview of the criteria that determine the relative value of species. For instance, a red-listed species is valued higher than a non-listed species. Secondly, several hunting and biodiversity laws in the EU contain lists with monetary values for a range of species. These values allow us to create a dataset that will be used for a meta-analysis to gain insight into the general factors that determine the value of a species. The meta-analysis will consist of a regression analysis.

  • The project runs from 17 August 2020 - 31 December 2021.
  • The project is available in the Fall and Spring semester.
  • The project is also open for recently graduated undergraduates.
  • Number of placements available: 1 per semester.


  • Familiar with regression analysis in statistical programs such as STATA or R
  • Knowledge of environmental economics is a definite plus

Faculty Department

Faculty of Economics and Business /  Center of Economics and Corporate Sustainability - CEDON

CEDON is an interdisciplinary group of scholars with backgrounds in economics, psychology, environmental sciences, engineering and biomedical sciences. Planet, People and Prosperity are the central themes in CEDON activities. The research projects can be grouped along three axes:

  1. Resources
  2. Environment
  3. Society

CEDON has a strong track record in terms of international publications and research projects in the field of resource management and circular economy. The choice of appropriate and effective policy instruments to obtain specific environmental or sustainability goals is another challenge addressed by CEDON. Moreover, CEDON researchers contribute to the development of knowledge about multi-actor collaboration for sustainability.
CEDON researchers have extensive national and international academic and business networks. CEDON members are teaching a variety of subjects, ranging from environmental and energy economics, over CSR to safety management to all academic bachelor and master programs of the KU Leuven Campus Brussels.