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For whom?

EuroScholars is looking for outstanding and motivated advanced undergraduate, honors students from US / Canadian institutions who have a strong interest in an academic/research career. A GPA of 3.4 or higher is also required. Students do not need to have research experience, however, science students should have ample academic experience in a laboratory setting.

Austin Auyeung

Participation in the program, helped me strenghten my application to gain acceptance to medical school. Being fully immersed in research was a great experience especally coming from predominantly lecture learning and appreciating the differences.

Austin Auyeung Leiden University / University of Western Ontario, Canada
Austin Auyeung

EuroScholars allowed me to gain research experience as an undergraduate that made me a more competitive applicant for graduate programs, and almost certainly played a significant role in my being able to graduate with an MSc from the London School of Economics.

Girard Bucello IV University of Geneva / University of Mary Washington

Getting the opportunity to conduct research abroad on a topic not available at my home university.

Richard Wu KU Leuven / University of Texas-Dallas

Not only did this program give me the opportunity to live abroad, working with lab members from all over the world, but it gave me the opportunity to do full-time research for a semester--something most undergraduates do not have the chance to do. When applying to graduate school, this was a very important point many of my interviewers and myself were able to bring up. It gave me the confidence that I wanted to pursue a career in research and helped me get accepted into a PhD program right out of undergrad.

Morgan Duff Leiden University / Western Kentucky University

About the program

The EuroScholars Program is especially designed for students from US and Canadian institutions who are interested in discovering their potential for a research career. EuroScholars offers unique opportunities to spend 1 or 2 semesters as a junior researcher at one of the top European research institutions. Supervision will be provided by academic staff, working on and/or responsible for the research project.
The curriculum will consist of the research project (main element), literature review (independent study), elective course (if applicable), and a language a/o culture course at the host university. Each semester a Midstay Program (2-3 days) is organized for all students at one of the EuroScholars locations.

The main element of the EuroScholars Program is the Research Project. When applying to the EuroScholars Program, you will select a specific research project from the EuroScholars Research Project Database. Almost all projects are ongoing research projects at the host institution, so as a EuroScholar, you will be an active contributor to an already existing research team. About 100 research projects at the 4 partner universities are available, in many fields of study / disciplines ranging -  but not limited - from Arts and Humanities,STEM, to Law, Economics and Social Studies. The other part of the curriculum is built around the research Project in dialogue with the supervising professor.


I think research abroad is a great opportunity for advanced undergraduate students! The opportunity to be published as an undergrad is equally amazing.

Lauren Winogron (Senior Program Manager, Rutgers, The State University of  New Jersey)

EuroScholars has allowed my students to gain top-notch lab and research experience across a variety of academic disciplines, while still allowing them many of the important cultural and linguistic experiences of a more traditional study abroad model.

Heather Powell Browne (Assistant Director, Global Education), Colorado College

I was very happy upon my acceptance to the EuroScholars program as it represented many firsts to me: the sanction to study abroad in Europe while graduating on time, the experience to conduct research in English and contribute to a larger project.Overall, my experience in Munich with EuroScholars was amazing---it was full of not only academic but also cultural experiences and opportunities. My mentor and I are still in close contact and, perhaps someday, I will have the chance to return and pick up runic research once more.

Emile Young LMU / New York University

The EuroScholars program allowed me to conduct research while simultaneously immersing myself in Dutch culture. At Leiden University, I worked with physics researchers on materials for computing applications. To have that opportunity as a freshman, it really taught me that you can get involved and make a difference early on.

Ramya Gurunathan Leiden University / Pennsylvania State University
Emile Young

In Geneva, I was working in an fMRI laboratory on a project concerning the effect of hypnosis on pain and stress. Of course there are laboratories in the United States that are doing fMRI research and even research on hypnosis, but traveling to Europe and conducting the research in Switzerland gave me the opportunity to see how the university system differs in Europe compared to the United States.What I truly enjoyed about studying in Europe was the fact that the people in my lab came from many different countries not only in Europe but around the world. Thus, each person contributed a unique perspective to the lab environment.

Gregory Zegarek University of Geneva / Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey


See “How to apply” for an explanation of the application process. Make sure your application is complete and on time. Deadline to submit your application is 1 April (for participation in the Fall semester) or 1 October (for participation in the Spring semester).

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The cost for the program for the Spring and Fall semester 2021 is € 9.975 per semester, and includes tuition, bench fee and cost of student accommodation (rent) for the duration of the research period (one semester). The tuition fee also includes: a EuroScholars MidStay Program, a local orientation program, student ID-card and use of student and research facilities at the host institution (such as access to internet and access to libraries).

Please note that ISA will request for an additional administrative fee of USD 500 on top of the EuroScholars Program Fee.

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Grants and funding

We would like to draw your attention to our Grants and Funding page if you are still looking for funding opportunities.

Objectives and Career Perspectives

The objectives of this program are to challenge students to conduct original research at the cutting edge of human knowledge and promote interactions with scholars through an immersion in European Undergraduate Research Opportunities in the research environment. As a participant, you will learn about scientific reasoning, research methods, theoretical principles related to the research area, and scholarly communication. By finalizing the results of your research project in a paper of publishable quality, you will also have improved your writing and presentation skills.
You will be able to evaluate and focus your career interests. The experience will enhance your intercultural skills due to the close contact with academics and other students as the result of working together and discussing the research program. The program also enhances your understanding of academic research and your potential personal role in this.

Learn more about the experiences of our EuroScholars alumni and academic career opportunities at the European institutions.

Learn more about the outcomes of intensive research abroad through the EuroScholars Program in the PDF's posted on this page.

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