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Costs and practicalities

The information provided, applies to all European institutions.

Cost of the program

The cost of the EuroScholars Program is € 9.975  (Spring and Fall 2020 ) per semester, and includes tuition, bench fee and the rent of basic student accommodation for the duration of the research period (one semester). The EuroScholars Program fee also includes: the EuroScholars MidStay program, a local orientation program, student ID-card, use of student facilities at the university (such as access to internet and access to libraries), and research facilities. The cost of the program is the same at all institutions and for all research projects.

Please note that ISA will request for an additional administrative fee of USD 500 on top of the EuroScholars Program Fee.

Not included in the fee:

  • are costs that vary per university and are related to the administrative processes such as residence permit applications and housing deposit. Applying students can enquire with the host university what the estimated amounts of these costs are.
  • international and local transportation costs.
  • mealplans.

EuroScholars Program Fee for continuing students:

  • Students continuing for a 2nd semester in the same or another research project at the same host institution are entitled to receive a program fee reduction of € 2.000.
  • Students continuing for a 2nd semester at another host institution, are entitled to receive a program fee reduction of € 1.000.



The rent of the basic student accommodation is included in the cost of the program. Each of the participating institutions offers good quality accommodation which is especially reserved for students, participating in the EuroScholars program. Accommodation will be mostly private or share rooms with shared kitchen, bathroom and/or shower facilities. The housing is, in most cases, close to the city center and either within walking distance or reachable through public transportation from the university campus.

Upon acceptance at one of the institutions, students will be informed about their accommodation.

Photo: KU Leuven, Rob Stevens

Please look at the university’s housing website (provided in each university profile) for more detailed information. Some institutions / housing providers might ask for a deposit for the housing that will be returned if the room is delivered in good state afterwards. Please note that deposits are not included in the fee. Students have to pay these separately themselves.

Additional Personal Costs

Depending on the host country, an additional amount of approx. € 450-500 per month should be anticipated (excluding health insurance and depending on individual spending habits). Please check the university profile for relevant information.


Adequate health insurance is obligatory during the period of study abroad. International students are personally responsible for purchasing their own health insurance with international coverage. Since Health Insurance requirements may differ per country, please check the university profile for relevant information on how to obtain such insurances.

EuroScholars students are advised to check with the host institutions whether other insurances are mandatory or strongly advised. University websites usually provide information for international students on this subject.

Photo: Universität Zürich, Ursula Meisser

International Medical Insurance, provided by ISA

All students will be automatically enrolled by ISA. A description of coverage is available on the ISA website. Please note that some countries will require students to purchase additional coverage for via purposes.

Visa and Residence Permit

Depending on the nationality of the student and the country the student will spend his/her study period, different rules may apply for obtaining the necessary visa and residence permit documents.
Please refer to the university profile for information on how to obtain the right documents and refer to your host institution coordinator upon acceptance for assistance with applying for your visa or permit. Some institutions might ask for a deposit or fee for the visa/residence permit application. Please note that such deposits/fees are not included in the EuroScholar fee. Students have to pay these separately themselves.

Scholarships and Grants

Please inquire at your home institution for available scholarship options and also have a look at our “grants and funding” page for information.

During the semester, all students will be invited for a 'European Orientation' at one of the participating institutions. Students will be introduced to “Europe” by way of lectures on different themes, for example European cultures, languages, politics, etc. Moreover, students will have a chance to meet each other in a different setting and learn from each other’s experiences. The cost of travel and lodging is born by the program. Accepted students will be informed about the dates and location of the European Orientation.

Study Facilities

At all institutions students will receive a student-ID card which grants them access to libraries, and internet and email facilities either at their home address or in the central university buildings. Counseling services are available at all institutions.
The sports facilities welcome any international student who would like to participate in group or individual sport activities. European Universities have student societies, which differ in their goals and activities  from institution to institution.
Please refer to the university profiles page for more specific information on the facilities.

Orientation at the Host Institution (in relation to integration, experiencing the country and its culture)

To assist students with integration in their new living environment and different culture, most host institutions will offer an orientation program at the beginning of the academic semester. Please refer to the university profiles for more details on the program and possible other opportunities for integration and meeting other students. The contact person of the host institution may also be approached for more information.

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