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Presentations, reviews, blogs and interviews of EuroScholars students at former Consortium members

Through the years some of our Consortium members decided to discontinue their participation in the EuroScholars Program. Their decision to discontinue is just due to the change of their university's strategic plans for internationalisation.

The remaining 5 Consortium members thank their former members and their students for being part of this program and whishes them all the best in their future endeavours.

On this page you will find some of the presentations from our EuroScholars students who participated at our former Consortium members.

The presentations on our website are posted with the consent of the students and their researchers.


EuroScholars students featuring in student blogs / interviews

Jacob Cecil (University of Tennessee, Knoxville / University of Helsinki, Spring 2016)

(Video made by Jenna Emtö, Mikko Salojärvi and Sasu Leppisaari)

Nahid Baghdadi (Michigan State University / Karolinska Institutet, Fall 2017) : Migration and Sweden

Nahid Baghdadi (Michigan State University / Karolinska Institutet, Fall 2017) : How I Learned to be More Green in Sweden

Reviews on MidStay

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