Sarah, Michigan State University

The Midstay was a great experience because it brought us all together and gave us a new perspective on the EuroScholars program.

Sarah Midstay in Leiden
Sarah, KU Leuven / Virginia Tech

It was so amazing to experience the life of a real researcher and graduate student while I'm still in my undergrad and I believe I've learned a lot from the EuroScholars program.

Sarah KU Leuven
Richard, KU Leuven / University of Texas – Dallas

I really enjoyed my experience in Europe, and I wish I could have had more time!

Richard KU Leuven
Patrick, Leiden University / University of Maine-Orono

When I arrived I was instantly welcomed by everybody whom I was going to work with.The entire faculty is very helpful and supportive.

Patrick Leiden University
Interview with: Patrick

By going to non-traditional locations and consciously pushing your comfort level, to the contrary, you’ll challenge yourself and you’ll develop yourself as an individual.

Patrick University of Geneva
Interview with: Matthew

If I could only take away one thing when I leave the Netherlands, I would hope to take away a new perspective.

Matthew Leiden University
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