Patrick, Leiden University / University of Maine-Orono

I have loved my time as a EuroScholar in Leiden. Leiden is a beautiful student city that seems to be close to everything in the country.

Interview with: Patrick

The HR Coordinator at my current internship noted, in a professional development class, that she highly values applicants with study abroad experience.

Interview with: Matthew

An opportunity to gain new experiences in my academic career and in my personal life which are incredibly valuable to me now, and will continue be valuable to me in the future.

Marianne, University of Geneva / SUNY New Paltz, NY

I chose to study at the University of Geneva mainly because of the research project that had interested me. When I decided to go abroad, I knew I wanted to conduct research in the bi...

Interview with: Makoto

If you are at all interested in research, I highly recommend this experience.

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