Energy-efficient embedded implementation of Graph Neural Networks

KU Leuven

Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electricity and energy, Engineering, Mathematics, Informatics, Artificial Intelligence, Computing

BIOVAL – Using monetary values in the enforcement of biodiversity crimes

KU Leuven

Business and Economics, Economics, Law, Social Sciences

Validation of new physiological targets of peroxisome-derived hydrogen peroxide

KU Leuven

Sciences, Natural Sciences, Biochemistry, Biology

Considering cultural diversity within educational systems: international and comparative study

University of Geneva

Education, Educational Science, Multicultural education, Teaching and Training, Humanities, Cultural and Literary Studies, Cultural diversity, Social Sciences, Psychology, Social and Behavioural Sciences

The Strategy of Recorded Voting in the European Parliament

University of Geneva

Social Sciences, Political science and civics, Social and Behavioural Sciences

Climate Justice through the Courts

Leiden University


Behavioral neuroscience and neurodegeneration

University of Geneva

Sciences, Natural Sciences, Biochemistry, Biology, Life science

Design, synthesis and evaluation of covalent chemical probes for labeling of enzymes

KU Leuven

Sciences, Natural Sciences, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry

Synthesis and characterization of thia analogues of pillararenes

KU Leuven

Sciences, Natural Sciences, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical science

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