Synthesis and characterization of thia analogues of pillararenes

KU Leuven

Sciences, Natural Sciences, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical science

Modification of natural products with medicinal activity

KU Leuven

Sciences, Natural Sciences, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry

New Storytellers on Border Crossing to the U.S. (1995-2016). The Representation of Migration from Latin America in Today’s Documentary Filmmaking (3H170532)

KU Leuven

Arts, Humanities, American Studies, Humanities

Light-activated anticancer compounds

Leiden University

Medical Sciences, Cancer, Chemical Biology, Sciences, Natural Sciences, Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Life science, Photochemistry

Optimisation of a pseudo-3D model observer for emerging 2D mammography applications

KU Leuven

Mathematics, Informatics, Computer science, Medical Sciences, Medicine, Sciences, Natural Sciences, Physics

Determinants of Electoral Behavior: A Comparative Approach

KU Leuven

Social Sciences, Political science and civics, Social and Behavioural Sciences

Modulation of bacterial adherence in infective endocarditis: impact of bacterial surface molecules and underlying tissues used in right ventricular outflow tract valve replacement

KU Leuven

Medical Sciences, Cardiology, Medicine, Sciences, Natural Sciences, Biochemistry, Biology

Ethical aspects of human genetics

KU Leuven

Humanities, Philosophy and ethics, Medical Sciences, Medicine

Design, synthesis and application of activity-based probes for imaging and detection of proteases

KU Leuven

Sciences, Natural Sciences, Biochemistry, Biology, Bio Organic Chemistry, Chemistry

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