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EEG markers of the state of Flow

The Brain and Learning lab headed by Pr Daphné Bavelier at Campus Biotech is running an EEG (electroencephalogram) study as part of a research project looking at the neural mediators of the state of flow during play activities, and in particular video game play. The concept of flow traces back to the seminal work of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and is thus far defined through paper-and-pencil, questionnaire-based reports administered after the play experience is over. The present project calls for collecting multi-modal data, including EEG, cardiac and galvanic skin responses as well as facial expressions, while young healthy participants play either a video game matched to their skill levels and thus ideally suited to induce high flow, or a different version of the same video game at a level of challenge slightly above their skill level and thus inducing lesser flow. The goal is to identify neural markers of flow during the play experience. Students will be trained in data collection and data analyses, as well as asked to become cognizant of the literature on flow and the different states of attention associated with it.

  • The research project is available in the Fall and Spring semester and runs till the end of 2023.
  • Number of placements available: 2 per semester
  • Students are required to participate for a minimum of 5 months.


  • Basic skills in computer programming.
  • Good knowledge of statistics.

Faculty Department

The department of psychology of the University of Geneva is situated close to downtown Geneva. It is located in a splendid building that hosts lecture halls, library, offices, labs, and a cafeteria. The department accepts about 200 students per year and has Masters Programs in clinical, developmental, affective, social, and cognitive psychology. All classes are taught in French, but the lab language is English.