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Application deadlines:

  • For Fall 2024 intake: 1 April 2024.
  • For Spring 2025 intake: 1 October 2024.


Please make sure you have read and understood the application procedures before submitting your application for participation in the EuroScholars Program:

  • IMPORTANT: students must be attached to a U.S. or Canadian home institution while participating in the program. The student's home institution must complete the Learning Agreement after acceptance into a project, even if credits will not be transferred to that institution. Some specific projects may list additional requirements in their project descriptions. Transfer of credits is decided by the students' home institution..
  • Students should indicate a maximum of 2 research projects at 2 different European universities. (Meaning: 1 research project per European institution).
  • Your (pre-)application will be handled by our colleagues at ISA (International Studies Abroad).
  • Once your application is complete it will be submitted to the Host Institution in Europe for review.
  • Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and are sent to your top choice one at a time, in your indicated order of preference. You are strongly encouraged to complete your application well in advance of the deadlines to ensure adequate time for Professors to review your application in time for admissions, visa, housing procedures etc., especially if for any reason your application must be transferred to your alternate project selection(s).
  • You will be informed about the decision by the Host Institution and ISA.
  • By clicking on the "Apply now" button, you will be redirected to the ISA website, where you can submit your application.