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What is EuroScholars?

EuroScholars is a unique research abroad program:

  • designed for advanced and talented undergraduate students from US and Canadian institutions looking for an international research experience in Europe.
  • the program offers these students to conduct research at one of the 3 internationally renowned European Research Universities.
  • the research is accompanied by an independent literature study (and an elective, if applicable) and is combined with a language and culture course.
  • students work under the direct supervision of professors and other academic staff on a specific academic research project chosen by both the student and the faculty. 
  • there are an abundance of academic research projects in a variety of fields to choose from within the participating European universities.
  • students partake in a European orientation program, called the Midstay Program (2-3 days) in a European city.

Why should your undergraduate students conduct research abroad through EuroScholars?

Research can enhance an experience abroad and provide new lenses for academic and professional exploration.

Join Zac Macinnes (ISA-WorldStrides) for a thoughtful conversation with Andrew Wingfield (Director of Global Engagement in the College of Engineering & Applied Science at the University of Colorado Boulder), centered on providing avenues for student learning beyond traditional study abroad, easing onramps for participation and bridging gaps between diverse constituencies and systems.

Learn more from their podcast: Undergraduate Research Abroad: A High Impact Practice (feat. Andrew Wingfield). Changing Lives Through Education Abroad.

Academic, Course and Quality assurance information

Want to know more about Academic and Course information or about Quality assurance? 

I think research abroad is a great opportunity for advanced undergraduate students! The opportunity to be published as an undergrad is equally amazing. Lauren Winogron, Senior Program ManagerRutgers University, New Jersey
I feel fortunate to participate in this extensive of a research project as an undergraduate student, which will provide insight to the work and responsibilities of true researcher scientists. CamrynArizona State University
I always hoped to study abroad as an undergraduate, and EuroScholars provided the opportunity to develop technical and intellectual skills by working in a research facility. I prefer to study the intersections of many fields of thought, and this program provided the opportunity to do so. In the future, I plan to pursue a doctoral degree in cognitive science. I hope to continue to study the development of virtual reality, and participate in research facilities in many different countries. HeatherHampshire College
I plan to pursue a doctorate in plant science after finishing my undergraduate education. My current goal is to gain as much diverse plant science experience as possible before applying to graduate programs so that I can make an informed decision on my thesis topic. I have never had the chance to attempt an ecology-based project, and I was excited to get that opportunity. KristenKenyon College
I was seeking a full-time research experience and I also wanted to study abroad in Europe. EuroScholars is a nice combination of the two. After I graduate, I am planning to obtain a PhD and work as a researcher. JingjingCornell University