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Considering cultural diversity within educational systems: international and comparative study

Our current research project aims to deepen our knowledge regarding the inclusion of multicultural education within several dimensions of education: the relations between school and families with migrant backgrounds; the inclusion of ME in the teachers’ pedagogical practices in the classroom; the cultural identity of teachers; the role of school administration in considering cultural diversity.

After a field research in Switzerland, we will broaden our research scope and analyze these themes in different countries.

Deepening our knowledge in the field of multicultural education will allow us to know better different actors and stakeholders but will also allow us to identify links to (new) related issues such as “global citizenship education” and “social justice in education”.

  • The research project is available in the Fall and Spring semester.


  • Social Sciences or related field

Faculty Department

As part of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, the Research Team on International Dimensions of Education (ERDIE) develops three main lines of research, through collective projects and doctoral research:

  1. Comparison of international trends in educational policy
  2. Analysis of the role of international cooperation and teachers in the development of education 
  3. Transformations of the school and university system in South countries