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Nonprofit marketing and fundraising: Towards a better understanding of charity checkouts

There exists a wide variety of fundraising tools nonprofits can rely on. An increasingly popular tool is labelled 'charity checkouts'. This is the phenomenon whereby nonprofit organizations collaborate with retailers/restaurants/stores. More specifically, customers of these retailers/restaurants/stores are being asked to donate at the time of checkout (e.g., when at a retailer's self check-out). Various donation appeals are being used, such as rounding up one's bill or donating a flat dollar to a good cause. Oftentimes, the terms checkout charities and point-of-sale donations are used as synonyms.

For more information, please send an email to Prof. Dr. Tine De Bock  and Prof. Dr. Tine Faseur.

  • Number of placements available: 1 per semester.


  • Good writing and literature review skills are required.
  • As part of the selection process, applicants will be asked to prepare a short online presentation based on some academic papers that will be provided by the supervisors of this research project (Prof. Dr. Tine Faseur & Prof. Dr. Tine De Bock).

Faculty Department

Faculty of Economics & Business / Marketing department

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