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EuroScholars is also looking for excellent university partners from North America who have students who may be interested in joining the program. If you would like to receive more information please register your interest and you will be sent the EuroScholars newsletter. To subscribe for the EuroScholars newsletter, please contact us by email.

If you would like to speak to someone about this program, please contact the North American representative at EuroScholars-ISA:

Lillian Nguyen
+1-(512) 480-8522

US North American partner: International Studies Abroad (ISA by WorldStrides)

To facilitate the administrative and application process, EuroScholars has a representative office in North America, ISA. The ISA office will supply information and assist with the recruitment of students and guide them through the application process. The research placements will be agreed upon by the student, home institution, and the supervisor responsible for the Research Project, through a Learning Agreement.
ISA is a leader in the field of international education and sending students to partner universities abroad. Its strength is derived from quality student support services and close relationships formed with both our partner universities abroad and the home institutions of our participating students.

Affiliation agreement

We realize that many US and Canadian institutions who work with 3rd party study abroad providers have or need to set up an affiliation agreement with these providers.

As for the EuroScholars Program, which is owned by the EuroScholars Consortium, the Consortium does not require from the home institutions to have such an affiliation agreement.

It will be up to the home institution to decide if they would like to set up an affiliation agreement with ISA.

For more information about the affiliation agreements, please contact Kiri Johnson (phone: +1 (512) 480-8522)

ISA offers 2 types of affiliation agreements in this case:

  • A full affiliation, meaning all ISA programs including the EuroScholars Program.
  • A “EuroScholars only” affiliation agreement.