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The grant is intended to provide the opportunity to a member of a ES host research group to travel to a (potential) partner institution in the USA or Canada  in order to establish, enhance or intensify research collaboration. Travel must be linked to a research project in which a ES contributed in the last 12 months. Travel is not (necessarily) linked to the North American sending institution of the ES referenced. The grant is limited to €2.000 and can only be used  for transatlantic travel and local accommodation.


Any member of a research team that hosted a ES in the 12 months prior to application, from the level of 3rd year PhD researcher, over Research Supervisor / PostDoc to Senior Academic in Charge/ PI is eligible to receive this ES Travel Grant, but only once. For every ES hosted, only one ES Travel Grant can be awarded. 


Cost of transatlantic travel and local accommodation, up to a maximum of €2000, will be reimbursed by the EuroScholars Head Office in Leiden, The Netherlands, upon receipt of the relevant proof of purchase/ expenditure and a short report on the visit. This report must outline the purpose and results of the visit and the specific activities furthering the visibility of the EuroScholars programme and the recruitment of new EuroScholars applicants.

Expense report and EuroScholars specific activity report must be received within 30 days after returning from travel in order to be eligible for reimbursement.


  • Applications must be sent by email to the EuroScholars Head Office at Leiden University, The Netherlands ( at least two months before the start of the intended travel.
  • Travel should be started no later than 12 months after the departure of the referenced ES from the research group.
  • Application is only possible by the Senior Academic / PI in charge of the research group, using the online application form provided by EuroScholars.
  • Application needs to include a clear statement of purpose of the proposed travel and list specific outreach actions to promote the EuroScholars programme at the US or Canadian partner institution to be visited.

Any and all decisions concerning the process of awarding EuroScholars Travel Grants are the sole prerogative of the ES Executive Board. EuroScholars Travel Grants cannot be combined with other external grants or financing mechanisms covering the same activity.

North American Institutions

Till now, about 357 students participated from 122 North American Institutions in the programme.

Please note that for the EuroScholars Travel Grant it is not a requirement that one should / must visit one of these institutions, any other North American university is allowed.