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Synthesis of novel fluorescent materials

Fluorescent molecules are currently used in several organic materials such as LEDs, lasing materials and photonic devices. 4,4-difluoro-4-bora-3a,4a-diaza-s-indacene (commercialized as BODIPY) is currently one of the most studied fluorescent molecules. In recent years our group found and reported several methods of substituting the BODIPY core. We are currently trying to expand these methods towards applications in the field of new molecular materials, sensors and long wavelength emitting dyes. This project concerns the synthesis, characterisation and application of BODIPYs in new materials. Once the desired compounds are obtained, we will substitute the dyes selectively towards application in new materials. Some of the most interesting applications are polymerisation of fluorescent sensors, introduction on nano-particles and design of new photonic devices.

  • The project is available in the Fall and Spring semester.
  • Number of places available: 1 or 2 per semester.


  • Basic knowledge of chemistry.

Faculty Department

The Department of Chemistry in Leuven is involved in the organization courses of Bachelor/master of

  • Chemistry 
  • Biochemistry and Biotechnology (the latter together with the department of Biology).

The Department houses a staff of about 30 professors and has 4 divisions:

  • Molecular Design and Synthesis
  • Molecular and Nanomaterials
  • Quantum Chemistry and Physical chemistry
  • Biochemistry, Molecular and Structural Biology
All my EuroScholars students were highly motivated and worked hard on their project together with a local mentor (Ph.D. student or postdoctoral associate). Quite often 1 or more publications resulted from their internship. Afterwards I stayed in touch with these students and learned that many of them pursued successful (academic) careers. Prof. Wim DehaenKU Leuven Read more

Akane (DePauw University)

Learn more about Akane's joint publication: “BOPAM : Efficient synthesis of a bright asymmetric bis-boron complex and its dark side”

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Research presentation by Akane, DePauw University

Learn more about Akane's research project: Synthesis of Novel Fluorescent Compounds

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Peijia, University of California, Berkeley

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