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Prof. Wim Dehaen, Laboratory of Organic Synthesis

We have supervised several EuroScholars students over the last 10 years in our laboratories at the Department of Chemistry at KU Leuven.

Overall it has been a very positive experience for all people involved. I liked the initiative very much as it further contributed to internationalization of my group. The EuroScholars students all were highly motivated and worked hard on their project, together with a local mentor (Ph.D. student or postdoctoral associate).

Quite oftern (a) publication(s) resulted from the internship. The following EuroScholars students published 1 or more publications:

P. Yuan (University of California, Berkely) and M.L. Clark (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute).

In 2022, we have submitted another publication: “A novel bis-boron complex prepared via a one-pot reaction and evaluation of its photophysical properties”. A publication in which one of our EuroScholars students contributed aswell.

I am convinced also for the EuroScholars students themselves that it was an interesting experience, being exposed to a different cultural and learning environment. Afterwards I stayed in touch with the EuroScholars students, and learned that many of them went on to do a successful Ph.D. in the USA and pursue successful careers.