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Through the years some of our Consortium members decided to discontinue their participation in the EuroScholars Program. Their decision to discontinue is just due to the change of their university's strategic plans for internationalization.

The remaining 3 Consortium members thank their former members and their students for being part of this program and whishes them all the best in their future endeavors.

Below you will find the joint publications of our EuroScholars students who participated at our former Consortium members.


Olga Korenovska (Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey)

Critical role for hyperpolarization‐activated cyclic nucleotide‐gated channel 2 in the AIF‐mediated apoptosis  (Erik Norberg, Marie Karlsson, Olga Korenovska, Susanne Szydlowski, Gilad Silberberg, Per Uhlén, Sten Orrenius, Boris Zhivotovsky)

Olga published this article together with her Research Supervisor Dr. Boris Zhivotovsky.

Jennifer Wilson (University of Alberta, Canada)

Human Lung NK Cells are Predominantly Comprised of Highly Differentiated Hypofunctional CD69–CD56dim Cells (Nicole Marquardt, PhD, Eliisa Kekäläinen, PhD, MD, Puran Chen, MD, Egle Kvedaraite, MD, Jennifer N. Wilson, BSc, Martin A. Ivarsson, PhD, Jenny Mjösberg, PhD, Lena Berglin, PhD, Jesper Säfholm, PhD, Martijn L. Manson, PharmD, PhD, Mikael Adner, PhD, Mamdoh Al-Ameri, MD, Per Bergman, PhD, MD, Ann-Charlotte Orre, MD, Mattias Svensson, PhD, Barbro Dahlén, PhD, MD, Sven-Erik Dahlén, PhD, MD, Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren, MD, PhD, Jakob Michaëlsson, PhD)

Jennifer published this article together with her Research Supervisor.

Vladimir Khristov (Pennsylvania State University)

Bioprinting of hybrid tissue constructs with tailorable mechanical properties. (Schuurman W, Khristov V, Pot MW, van Weeren PR, Dhert WJ, Malda J.)

Vladimir published this article together with his Research Supervisor Dr.J. Malda.

Angela Ianniello (University of Denver)

Towards a Human Rights Pedagogy 

Angela contributed in this article together with her Research Supervisor Dr. Anja Mihr

Benjamin Peters (University of Denver)

Biofabrication of multi-material anatomically shaped tissue constructs (Jetze Visser, Benjamin Peters, Thijs J Burger, Jelle Boomstra, Wouter J A Dhert, Ferry P W Melchels and Jos Malda)

Benjamin published this article together with his Research Supervisor Dr. J. Malda.

Morgan Wardrop (Pennsylvania State University)

Altered Energetics of Exercise Explain Risk of Rhabdomyolysis in Very Long-Chain Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency (E.F.Diekman, G.Visser, J.P.J. Schmitz, R.A.J.Nieverlstein, Sain-van der Velden, M.Wardrop, W.L. Van der Pol, S.M. Houten, N.A.W. van Riel, T.Takken, J.A.L. Jeneson)

Morgan published this article together with her Research Supervisor Dr. T. Takken.

Caroline Boyd (Colorado College)

Suppressed translation and ULK1 degradation as potential mechanisms of autophagy limitation under prolonged starvation. (Giulia Allavena, Caroline Boyd, Kyaw Soe Oo, Emilia Maellaro, Boris Zhivotovsky & Vitaliy O. Kaminskyy)

Caroline published this article together with her Research Supervisor Dr. Vitaliy Kaminskyy.

Mirna Kaafarani (Michigan State University)  

Reference values for blood pressure response to cycle ergometry in the first two decades of life: comparison with patients with a repaired coarctation of the aorta.(Mirna Kaafarani, Christian Schroer & Tim Takken)

Mirna published this article together with her Research Supervisor Dr. T. Takken.

Julianne Riggs (Wesleyan University)

PTPN2 Regulates Inflammasome Activation and Controls Onset of Intestinal Inflammation and Colon Cancer.(Marianne R.Spalinger, Roberto Manzini, Larissa Hering, Julianne B.Riggs, Claudia Gottier, Silvia Lang, Kirstin Atrott, Antonia Fettelschoss, Florian Olomski, Thomas M.Kündig, Michael Fried, Declan F. McCole, Gerhard Rogler, Michael Scharl).

Julianne published this article together with her Research Supervisor Dr. Michael Scharl.

Kaylee Johnson (Coe College)

Suppressed translation as a mechanism of initiation of CASP8 (caspase 8)-dependent apoptosis in autophagy-deficient NSCLC cells under nutrient limitation. (Giulia Allavena, Francesca Cuomo, Georg Baumgartner, Tadeja Bele, Alexander Yarar Sellgren, Kyaw Soe Oo, Kaylee Johnson, Vladimir Gogvadze, Boris Zhivotovsky & Vitaliy O. Kaminskyy.

Kaylee published this article together with her Research Supervisor Dr. Vitaliy Kaminskyy.