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EuroScholars MidStay Program

During the semester, all students will be invited for a 'European Orientation' at one of the participating institutions.

Students will be introduced to “Europe” by way of lectures on different themes, for example European cultures, languages, politics, etc. Moreover, students will have a chance to meet each other in a different setting and learn from each other’s experiences. The cost of travel and lodging is born by the program. Accepted students will be informed about the dates and location of the European Orientation as soon as the dates and location have been set.

EuroScholars MidStay and Site Visit S2015

In some occassions, some activities will be combined with the EuroScholars Site Visit. The EuroScholars Site Visit is organised for academic directors from North American institutions, who will be visiting some of the EuroScholars host institutions.

Below, a few presentations from our EuroScholars students. More student presentations and their reviews on the MidStay can be found on the left side of this page. 

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