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What is EuroScholars?

EuroScholars is a unique program, offering talented undergraduates from US / Canadian institutions the opportunity to do research for a whole semester, or even a year. Students will be part of an international research group, conducting research under supervision of a professor at one of the best European Research Universities. The research is accompanied by an independent literature study (and an elective, if applicable) and is combined with a language and culture course and a European orientation program, called the Midstay Program (2-3 days) in a European city.

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> Till now 104 North American Institutions have approved EuroScholars

EuroScholars offers my students a unique opportunity to gain hands on research experience and gain an international perspective at the same time. Combining two high impact experiences, study abroad and research, into one program benefits students who may not have this opportunity at their home institution.

Amy Shenberger Director Study Abroad, University of North Texas
Amy Shenberger

An undergraduate student should conduct research abroad in order to broaden his/her cultural horizon. Hosting a EuroScholar provides a unique insight, on the part of the student as well as on the part of his/her hosts, into the scientific and educational cultures on both sides of the Atlantic.

Prof. Dirk van der Marel University of Geneva

I think research abroad is a great opportunity for advanced undergraduate students! The opportunity to be published as an undergrad is equally amazing.

Lauren Winogron Senior Program Manager, Rutgers The State University of New Jersey

EuroScholars has allowed my students to gain top-notch lab and research experience across a variety of academic disciplines, while still allowing them many of the important cultural and linguistic experiences of a more traditional study abroad model.

Heather Powell Browne Assistant Director Global Education, Colorado College

The Research Project

The main element of the EuroScholars program is the Research Project. Most available Research Projects are existing projects in which the EuroScholars student is invited to participate. About 100 Research Projects in many fields of study are available at the partner universities. Projects are available in Arts and Humanities, Performing Arts, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, Computer Science, Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Law, Economics, Management, Politics and Social Studies. The other part of the curriculum is built around the Research Project in dialogue with the supervising professor.

Please have a look at the  student presentations conducting research at one of the partner universities.


The cost of the program is € 9.975 per semester (Spring 2020 / Fall 2020 ) and includes tuition, bench fee and cost of accommodation (rent) for the duration of the research period (one semester). The tuition fee also includes: a EuroScholars European orientation program, a local orientation program, student ID-card, use of student facilities at the host university (such as access to internet and access to libraries), and research facilities.

Please note that ISA will request for an additional administrative fee of USD 500 on top of the EuroScholars Program Fee.

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Register Your Interest

EuroScholars is also looking for excellent university partners from North America who have students or faculties who may be interested in joining the program. If you would like to receive more information please register your interest and you will be sent the EuroScholars newsletter. To subscribe for the EuroScholars newsletter, please contact us by email.
If you would like to speak to someone about this program, please contact the North American representative at EuroScholars-ISA: Matt Gulizia / Elizabeth Erbeznik (phone: +1-(512) 480-8522).

US North American Office: International Studies Abroad (ISA)

To facilitate the administrative and application process, EuroScholars has a representative office in North America, ISA. The ISA office will supply information and assist with the recruitment of students and guide them through the application process. The research placements will be agreed upon by the student, home institution, and the supervisor responsible for the Research Project, through a Learning Agreement.
ISA is a leader in the field of international education and sending students to partner universities abroad. Its strength is derived from quality student support services and close relationships formed with both our partner universities abroad and the home institutions of our participating students.

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