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Ethical aspects of human genetics

His main research activities are concentrated on the ethical, legal and social implications of genetic and genomics.

Students are invited to consider aspects related to the following topics as potential projects:

  1. the ethical and legal aspects of genetic testing in minors;
  2. the ethical, legal and social aspects of genetic tests sold directly to consumers;
  3. the ethical, legal and social aspects of research on human biological material;
  4. the ethical, legal and social aspects of expanded carrier screening;
  5. the role of empirical contributions in bioethics.
  • The projects are available in the Fall and Spring semester.
  • Number of places available: 2 per semester.

Faculty Department

Faculty of Medicine / Public Health and Primary Care Dept.

The Centre for Biomedical Ethics and Law (CBMER) is an interdisciplinary centre within the department of Public Health and Primary Care. Its expertise spans a wide variety of disciplines including ethics, law, philosophy and theology and maintains close links with various medical and care disciplines.
The CBMER team consists of professors, postdoctoral researchers and PhD candidates across the different disciplines. Staff members have extensive teaching obligations and are mentors of numerous master and PhD projects (for students in bioethics, theological ethics, pharmaceutical ethics, nursing ethics, medical law, management of healthcare, etc.)
The research conducted within CBMER is organized along 5 streams: ethical, legal and social aspects of genetics and genomics; ethical and legal approaches of elderly care and end-of-life care; ethical and legal issues in organ donation and transplantation; research ethics and ethics of research; and the legal regulation of the healthcare professions, both in European and comparative law.

We attach great importance in training the next generation of students and are strong supporters of projects as Euroscholars that allow international exchange. We believe this provides important added value for the Euroscholars students, but also for our own team of PhD candidates, Post-docs etc. Prof. Pascal BorryKU Leuven Read more

Research presentation by Charu (Rutgers University)

Learn more about Charu's research project: Application of AI Tools for the Prediction and Management of Obesity Related Vascular Diseases: Ethical and Social Considerations

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Charu's joint publication

Read more about Charu's (Rutgers University, New Jersey) joint publication: "Governance of research and product improvement studies in consumer mental health apps. Interviews with researchers and app developers".

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Rachna's joint publication

Read more about Rachna's (Rutgers University, New Jersey) joint publication: "Should you need an organ.. . Flemish secondary school students’ attitudes toward xenotransplantation and transgenetic organ donation".

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Research presentation by Bridget (University of Denver)

Learn more about Bridget's research project: Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Tests and their Effect on Public Health

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