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Prof. Pascal Borry, Centre for Biomedical ethics and Law

Over the past few years our research group had the pleasure of hosting three different EuroScholars students who have actively contributed to ongoing research projects with regards to direct-to-consumer genetic testing, xenotransplantation and AI tools for the prediction and management of obesity related vascular diseases. Overall, we had a very nice and enriching experience.

We attach great importance in training the next generation of students and are strong supporters of projects as EuroScholars that allow international exchange. We believe this provides important added value for the EurosScholars students, but also for our own team of PhD candidates, Post-docs, etc.

We always strive to let students contribute to active research projects and to acknowledge them for the contributions they have made. For example, Rachna Dherwani (Rutgers University) was included on a scientific publication that resulted from the project on Xenotransplantation and Charu Jain (Rutgers University) will be included as a co-author on a publication that is currently in progress based on the works she has been doing during her stay.

We like to stay in touch with our alumni EuroScholars as it’s always a pleasure to see how their experiences within our research group has helped them to pursue interesting (study) careers.

We are always looking for new motivated students that would like to work on ethical challenges within the field of biomedicine!