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Angela, KU Leuven / University of Maine-Orono

Meet others and discover opportunities

The MidStay program to Ludwig Maximillians Universitat Munchen (LMU) was a great time of meeting new people, learning about the work of other students, and the challenges in mathematics and science that are going on in some of the top universities in Europe at this time. It was really awesome to finally meet the other students that made up the EuroScholars fall program.  Over the week we were able to bond, and it was really inspiring to meet other students who wanted to live and study in Europe in the future.

The first day was mostly getting acquainted and going out to dinner. However, the second day was some of the students’ presentations, a tour of the school, and a presentation on studying abroad.  It was really fascinating to learn about the different programs available to us in Europe for studying abroad in the future.  Then, after the day was done we went out to see the city with our guide Julia and a couple other girls from Munich. They were really able to give us a taste of what the city life was like in Munich.

Tour trough Munich

The next day were the other student presentations and a tour around the city, which was my favorite part of the MidStay Program.  In our tour we went to the city center, Marienplatz, then to Nymphenburg Castle (which is actually located in the city), and to Olympiastadium.  Olympiastadium was amazing because since the Olympics were held in Munich it has been converted into a beautiful park.   

Olympiapark hill Olympiapark hill that the EuroScholars climbed to see over the city

Passionated about EuroScholars

After our tour we went out to dinner with the EuroScholars board and it was an amazing night of learning about our hosts we have worked so closely with but had not had a chance to meet thus far except through email.  For me it was very apparent the passion this group had for making sure we had the best education we could while abroad and how important they felt it was for all students to see Europe and the world.

Sight seeing

The last day of the MidStay program we went to visit a couple of faculties through LMU and learned about the center of Applied Policy Research, which was actually really fascinating even for and engineering major such as myself because I was able to learn about programs where I could go talk to other students about situations in their countries and opportunities to travel and learn.  We also visited the high tech campus and learned about psychology and neuroscience, which was very interesting because we were able to visit labs and see what real projects were being worked on at the university.  After this we were left to see Munich for ourselves and most of the group stayed and we were able to travel together and get to know each other better.