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Lisa, Carnegie Mellon University

The Euroscholars midstay program was an excellent opportunity to meet the other participants in the program and explore a new European city. From the beginning of the midstay, our days were full of different activities to acquaint ourselves with the town and university. I particularly liked the tour of Leiden, as the city is not that large and a walking tour is feasible, along with the fact that it provided a historical perspective from a personal source, as well as the tour of the science museum.

The biggest highlight was of course getting to know the other girls in the program and hearing their takes on life and research abroad in Europe. It provided a chance for reflection upon the changes between America and Europe, our host country and the Netherlands, and also changes in our expectations and experiences in Europe, in an informal and casual way, which was valuable at the half-way point of our visit. We could stop and think about our semester that is going so well but simultaneously so quickly that it is almost gone. All the organizers and people were incredibly friendly and helpful, and I would certainly like to thank them for their effort into a successful midstay.