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Students with the following requirements are eligible to apply to the program:

  • Demonstrated academic background in the field of study and the specialization chosen.
  • GPA: students with a minimum GPA of 3.4 out of 4.0 and higher will be considered to be eligible.
  • Students opting for a Research Project in the Natural Sciences, including practical laboratory work, need to have ample laboratory experience.
  • Strong interest in conducting academic research.

Application procedures

Application deadlines:

  • 1 April 2024 for the Fall 2024 semester
  • 1 October 2024 for the Spring 2025 semester

Since semester starting dates vary per host university, late applications may be taken into consideration. Check with ISA whether late applications are still welcome at the institution of your choice.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and are sent to your top choice one at a time, in your indicated order of preference. You are strongly encouraged to complete your application well in advance of the deadlines to ensure adequate time for Professors to review your application in time for admissions, visa, housing procedures etc., especially if for any reason your application must be transferred to your alternate project selection(s).


  • Students must remain registered as a student at their home institution during the semester(s) they are participating in the EuroScholars Program. Regardless if the student gets a transfer of credits or not. Transfer of credits is decided by the students' home institution.
  • Students should indicate a maximum of 2 research projects at 2 different European universities. (Meaning: 1 research project per European institution).

4 Steps:

Application and admission to the EuroScholars program is done in four steps. The information here is a step-by-step guide through the application & admission procedure. During the application process students will be in contact with different organizations or persons:

  • International Studies Abroad (ISA): EuroScholars' representative office in North America. For general questions and guidance during the application procedure; assistance with applying for home university financial aid to program costs; program payments; distribution of official transcript.
  • Host Institutional Coordinator: EuroScholars Coordinator within the host institution. Main contact person at the host institution and predeparture information (such as for admission procedures of the university abroad, visa application, language and cultural course registration, housing, program dates and on-site support). 
  • Research Project Supervisor: professor that will supervise the Research Project and the Methods and Literature Review independent study. Contact for academic information on the research. Professor who takes the final decision on your application.

Step 1: Search Research Projects

EuroScholars has listed all available projects in a database that can be searched by institution, by country or by field of interest. When completing the ES Research Application and the Personal Statement students are asked to list the 3 Research Projects that interest them the most. At some institutes it is also possible to request for a project on demand / tailor-made project in a specific field of interest.
If a student has questions on a certain project, or if a special interest is not listed as a project, students may contact the EuroScholars office to obtain more information by email

Step 2: Application & supporting documents

Complete the online application on ISA's website and submit the supporting documents to ISA.
Students will have to support their application with several documents. These documents are used by the Research Project Supervisor at the host institution to assess whether the student can be admitted to the Research Project (and thus to the EuroScholars program).

The following documents are required:

  • Recent official transcript from the home university and any other universities or colleges where you have taken courses.
  • Two letters of recommendation from a home university professor familiar with the student’s academic performance. These letters may be sent via the U.S. Postal System to the ISA office in Austin, Texas.
  • Payment of the USD 95.00 application fee (non-refundable).
  • A curriculum vitae or resume outlining any prior research or academic work in the desired area of research.
  • A cover letter, addressed to EuroScholars, should be uploaded to the on-line application. The Cover Letter should provide an introduction to your application articulating why you are interested in the program and briefly explained what you have to contribute as a member of the research project team.

ISA / EuroScholars 
5301 Southwest Parkway, Suite 200
Austin, TX 78735 USA
Phone: (+1) 512-480-8522     Fax: (+1)  512-480-8866

Step 3: Discuss the research opportunities & admission

3A) Once ISA has received your complete Application package, it will be submitted to the host institution for review by the Research Project Supervisor. If the application is acceptable to the Research Project Supervisor, the student will be contacted by the EuroScholars Host Institutional Coordinator to arrange a telephone or skype communication with the Research Project Supervisor. At the same time the student and the Research Project Supervisor will receive a copy of the EuroScholars Learning Agreement (pdf)and instructions for completion.

3B) Next, the student and Research Project Supervisor start a dialogue on the Research Project and the student's opportunities to contribute to the Research Project. Also the possibility of doing an elective course and the content of the Methods & Literature Review should be discussed with the Research Project Supervisor.
Based on the dialogue and the application documents received, the Research Project Supervisor will decide on the admittance of the student to the Research Project.

Step 4: Complete EuroScholars Learning Agreement and arrange practicalities

NOTE: students must remain registered as a student at their home institution during the semester(s) they are participating in the EuroScholars Program. Regardless if the student gets a transfer of credits or not. Transfer of credits is decided by the students' home institution. The EuroScholars Learning Agreement must be signed by all parties involved.

4A) EuroScholars Learning Agreement. Once the student has confirmation from the host institution that he/she is accepted for the Research Project during the preferred semester the student intends to participate, the student can begin completing the EuroScholars Learning Agreement (.pdf).
The EuroScholars Learning Agreement is the form where all agreements are put down and will be the basis for credit transfer. Therefore, it has to be signed by the student, the Research Project Supervisor, the Host Institution Coordinator and the home institution. 

4B) Arrange practicalities. Once the EuroScholars Learning Agreement has been received and all documentation sent and approved by the host university, students will be guided by the ES North American Coordinator and the ES Host Institution Coordinator in making the necessary arrangements for the semester abroad (i.e., applying for a student visa, financial aid arrangements, pre-departure and orientation information). The student will also receive an invoice for the program fees.