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On this website, we are only able to present limited information about scholarships and funding. There may be other possibilities available in your home country which are not listed here or via the grant finders. To explore other opportunities, you could also consider contacting e.g.

  • your home institution
  • your country's Embassy abroad
  • your local Ministry of Education

EuroScholars Grants 2024

  • The EuroScholars Consortium awards a limited number of grants of € 1500 per semester to help lower-income students and students with disabilities in line with the diversity policy of the European Consortium of EuroScholars.
  • The EuroScholars Grants are counted towards the payment of the EuroScholars Program Fee. (students will receive an invoice for the remaining amount)
  • Students participating in more than one semester will only be eligible to receive the grant once.
  • Only full applications will be considered.

In order to be considered for a grant, students must have their full EuroScholars program application and EuroScholars Grant application submitted to ISA by the application deadline. Students will be able to submit their grant application materials to the ISA Student Portal along with their application materials.

Grant Application Requirements:

Financial Award Letter

Students must submit a financial award letter from their home institution’s financial aid office. The financial award letter must include information on any funding the student is already receiving towards their program cost. Financial need will be a strong factor in determining the awards, but students will not be discounted if they receive no aid.

Statement of Impact

Students must submit a statement in which they discuss how this grant will contribute to their ability to participate in EuroScholars. Any special circumstances, challenges, or other considerations applicants wish to convey should be included. Applicants may also choose to discuss their motivation for applying for a EuroScholars placement. This narrative must not exceed 400 words.

Academic References

Students’ faculty references from the EuroScholars application will be submitted with the scholarship materials and taken into consideration during the review process.

Country specific scholarships: 


  • German Academic Exchange Service: DAAD 

The DAAD has an office in New York, to support academic exchange between the US, Canada and Germany. DAAD has two information centers dedicated to serving the needs of students and faculty on the west coast of the United States and in Canada. They promote study and research in Germany, advise local students on funding opportunities, and build ties between German and US or Canadian universities. DAAD Undergraduate Scholarships for Research and/or Internships in Germany



The NUFFIC (Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education), Grantfinder is the online search engine which provides a broad range of Dutch scholarships for international students who wish to come to the Netherlands.